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The history.

From 1990 till year 2000 our main core business was advising and selling insurance and finance products. The last 14 years we worked as administration advisors.

This moment crypto currencies is more developed and more interesting for investments.

Begin this year we started LFTC Consultancy. We follow the crypto market and give advice. If customers wants to invest we help them to reinstall the computer and setup the wallets.


Because of the experience in the finance world (advising and selling) we introduced LFTC Coin on the market. Standard it is a loan coin. Means that people can loan the coin from us. If the price is acceptable they can sell it on the exchange for other currency. After the exchange they can transfer the funds to there bank account.

The funds can be used for example to pay back your old loans. This will decrease there monthly expenses. But they can also use the loan to solve the mortgage. The average LFTC Loan interest rate is 12%. For the loan they must have a steady income. All income data are submitted by our credit rating controllers. We ask the clients to guarantee for repayments.

There is always a possibility that clients can’t repay the loan. Because of this. We give them 25 % bonus (extra coins). We try to create a backup for them.

The Investor. If a investor is investing his capital for loans he has no guarantees that the loan taker repays the loan. There is always a possibility or situation that the repayment is difficult. With this system the investor has a back up in LFTC Coin. Any time he can exchange his LFTC on the crypto currency stock exchange. The invested euro’s are again in his pocket.

What happened? The investor buys direct from us the LFTC Coin. We deposit the EURO/USD on the crypto currency stock exchange. The Customer takes a loan of LFTC Coin. The customer sells his 75% of the LFTC Coins on the crypto currency stock exchange. After the exchange they can transfer the funds to there bank account.

Wallet interest The buyer of LFTC Coins keeps the coins in the wallet (Loan Taker 25% and investor). If the wallet stay open for 24 hours then he will automatically receive extra coins. This is 8% of your overall assets (POS – Proof On Stake.). The interest rate is annually.

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